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Umpire Courses


Find and book your place on umpiring courses, and join the ECB Association of Cricket Officials (ACO).

Face-to-face umpiring training is back and the Gloucestershire Association of Cricket Officials (GACO) are getting in early in anticipation of a growing demand before the 2022 season.

While Stage 1 and 2 training will still be available online, GACO believe that by attending these one-day courses, prospective umpires gain by have discussion and explanations from the experienced and skilled tutors.​

We see officiating as one of the key areas of focus moving forward. We know that officiating numbers are on the decrease, this is a national trend. With this in mind, we are offering all courses completely FREE OF CHARGE in Gloucestershire.

The conditions to this are:

  • Candidate sign up for course/s and pay the fee.
  • On completion, the GCB will issue a refund for the full amount to the candidate/ club if they are paying for it.
  • This is only available for people involved within Gloucestershire primary affiliated cricket clubs/ leagues.
  • When you complete the online signup forms, please ensure you enter the correct cricket club you are involved in, there will be a drop down that asks you for ‘Play Cricket Club name’.


Basics of Umpiring

This course is aimed at club umpires who just need to know the key laws and basic field craft and those players who umpire 5 or 10 overs at the weekend. For ages 13 and over.

It’s Your Call – Umpire Education Stage One

This course is designed to give an overview of the basic Laws of the Game, how to apply them and introduce the principles of field craft and match management.  This course is a perfect introduction for new club umpires, a refresher for existing umpires and the first step for those who aspire to umpire at higher levels. For ages 13 and over.

Individuals who complete this course will be eligible for full ECB ACO Membership. You will be required to complete the necessary forms (online) to obtain this.

  • Under 16s will receive full membership immediately, which will continue until 18 (providing they remain an active member). An ECB DBS is required upon turning 16.
  • Over 16s will also receive free membership until they are 18*
  • Over 18s receive their first year free*

*All over 16s will need an ECB DBS to secure full membership, but will be joined as Associate members until they are able to get the certificate. For more information on DBS’ please contact Chris Munden.

Stage One: Upcoming Courses

Stage One: Face to FaceSun 19th Sept09:30-17:00Bristol County Ground£30Book now
Stage One: Face to FaceSun 3rd Oct09:30-17:00Bristol County Ground£30Book now
Stage One: OnlineN/AN/AN/AFreeBook now

It’s Your Call – Umpire Education Stage Two

This course is designed to give you further knowledge and skills sufficient to enable you to become a member of a league panel and is available to anyone who has attended the Stage One.

It will complement that course by looking beyond the basic laws, build on field craft and match management techniques and introduce the concept of working, as a team, with a colleague.

Stage Two: Face to FaceSun 17th Oct09:00-17:30Hatherley & Reddings CC£30Book now
Stage Two: Face to FaceSun 21st Nov09:00-17:30Bristol County Ground£30Book now
Stage Two: Face to Face (Young Officials 13-19 years)Sun 7th Nov09:00-17:00Stroud CC£30Book now

More information

For more information, please contact:

Peter Sawyer

GACO Education Officer

Phone – 01452 812 911


Want to Stand?

If you are an umpire who is available and keen to get involved in umpiring throughout the county then please contact Dave Hull the Secretary of GACO.

Gloucestershire is always on the lookout for new umpires and we would be delighted to welcome new members.

Dave Hull

GACO Secretary


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