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When first coming in to Colombo we realised the difference between our cultures and theirs.

Blog by Gloucestershire Under 17s’ Georgie Hunt

The traffic was manic but somehow faster than England, the people were extremely friendly and the density of the city struck us like a Chloe Skelton pull shot.

In our first game Maddie (Hughes) started us off with a solid six wicket haul in what felt like almost unbearable conditions. However we fought through with a magnificent batting performance from Ashers (Millie Ashford) and Chloe who smashed the ball around the stadium. This, supported by everyone’s fielding efforts led us to our first win Sri Lanka.

Our first rest day we met our new tour guide ‘hero’, who quickly picked up on our team’s choral abilities and a strong bond was formed. He showed us around a Buddhist temple teaching us their beliefs and also joined in with some singing – leading us in a traditional song. Spirits were definitely high because we managed to get Lisa (Pagett) on the mic with some cheeky Spice Girls. We loved that Lisa!  Leah (Morrison) we’re still waiting to hear you’re angelic voice!

Our second game came as quite a shock when we ended up with a rocky road trip through the jungle. When we arrived we found out that our opposition had a couple of Sri Lankan international players! Despite this challenge we managed to take three wickets in the first ten overs (one of our match targets) and eventually bowled them out. Maisie (Hunkin) took four wickets and Helen (Cutler) three wickets, while George (Hunt) took four catches behind the stumps. In the sweltering humidity, they ended up with 251 which was a tough score to beat. Putting all our efforts in we ended up all out, falling short of the target.

The third game was the biggest test of all with the sun beating down on us. The heat was excessive but still we rose to the challenge. We batted first and slowly wickets fell until Maddie and (Emily) Kibble took to the middle and created a strong 52 run partnership. After this heroic performance both girls felt the consequences as heatstroke took its toll. But after a Fanta from Dipan they perked right up (as a team we think it was over exaggerated).

With two players down and the team feeling the heat, we powered through with outstanding fielding from Chloe and Liv (Freer) in close cover and mid wicket and consistent bowling from Helen and Maisie, we battled hard and came out winners ( despite what the scoreboard actually said…!)

The Gloucestershire Cricket Board tour of Sri Lanka is sponsored by bottlegreen and run by our official travel partner Lions Sports Travel. 

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