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Lord's Taverners Table Cricket


Accessible to schools & community groups, it provides young people with a disability the chance to play the sport we all love.


Our Table Cricket programmes takes place from September through to February half-term, where qualified cricket coaches deliver weekly sessions at your school or centre. Schools, both Special Schools and Mainstream SEN, and Community Groups can access the programme, which provides young people with a disability the chance to play the sport we all love.


Alongside the coaching sessions, we invite all groups to join us at our County Table Cricket Competitions, which take places annually in January/February and allow students to put their skills to the test against other schools in a friendly and safe environment. Competition winners have the opportunity to progress to the Lord’s Taverners Regional and National Table Cricket Finals, with the latter taking place at Lords Cricket Ground, the home of cricket.


What is table cricket?

Table cricket is an adapted version of cricket, played on a table tennis table and specially designed to give young people with a disability the chance to play and compete in the sport we all love.


How does it work?

This is a very strategic game! There are different scoring zones around the table and, just like in regular cricket, fielders have to be carefully positioned to prevent runs or to get the batter out. Teams of six take it in turn to bowl or bat, with the bowler using a ramp to deliver the ball (either a regular ball that runs true or a weighted one that swings around). The batter scores by hitting the ball into the scoring zones, avoiding the fielders if they can!


How does it help young people? 

Alongside the enjoyment of playing the game and competing, table cricket has been shown to develop teamwork and social skills among players. It  also helps coordination and cognitive skills. The game is played by young people with both learning and physical disabilities. It enables young people to understand tactics, draw the best out of team players and to build a social life. For the young volunteers involved in coaching and umpiring, table cricket helps to develop self-confidence, leadership skills and enhances their future employment prospects.




There are a variety of table-cricket resources available to help you learn and set up the game.  In addition, the Lord’s Taverners have created a free and easy to use Table Cricket Scoring App which is available on Apple iOS and Android devices.


Contact Information

For more information or to get your school or community group involved, please contact:

Jeanette Tate

Super 1s Lead Officer

Mobile – 07432 728926

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