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The Super 1s programme, run by the Lord’s Taverners, gives disabled young people the chance to play sport.

There are over 100 ‘hubs’ across England and Scotland – we have 2 hubs in Gloucestershire, rising to 4 in 2021 – which provide weekly sessions where participants can stay active, make friends, and develop key life skills like confidence, independence, and the ability to communicate. They also get the chance to meet inspiring role models, helping them realise what they can do, not what they can’t.

For many of us, taking part in sport, or just socialising with a group of friends, were all things we took for granted until earlier this year. However, for the young people on the Super 1s programme, those opportunities are far more limited, but for many of them, they really can be life changing.

That’s why, throughout October, 12 Super 1s Officers, including Gloucestershire’s Jeanette Tate, will be working together to complete the 1084.7 kilometres (just over 90km each) between the most southern (Plymouth in Devon) and northern (Tain in Scotland) Super 1s hubs, whilst raising money for the Lord’s Taverners.

Jeanette, who has complete 73 out her target 90km said…

Covid-19 has impacted all of our lives but for those living with a disability the impact has had a disproportionate effect. From having lost social interaction, having health and fitness provision removed to increased anxiety, life for some has become really difficult.

The Super 1s programme provides an environment for these young people to have fun, learn new skills and increase independence. Some enjoy being in a ‘safe’ environment, some getting regular exercise, others the routine of a regular weekly activity. By providing a weekly session the Super 1s programme helps to balance the effects of covid-19 for these young people.

To help secure the future of the programme, the 12 of us (Super 1s Designated Officers) are raising funds by completing a hub to hub challenge during October. For my share, 90.3km of the 1083.7km, I’ve been walking at different cricket clubs across the county. Frenchay CC home of the Frenchay Falcons, Frampton on Severn, who kindly hosted the Stroud hub this summer, and Cam CC a local club to a participant.  I’ve also completed these legs of my walk, with club volunteers, which has been very enjoyable and a real highlight.

If you can, please support this cause by donating and sharing – it really will make a meaningful difference.

Please support if you can via the button below…

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