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The Lord’s Taverners launch campaign to raise awareness and vital funds to help combat isolation and loneliness for disadvantaged and disabled young people in the future.

Many of us have experienced isolation and loneliness over the past few months and recognise first-hand how challenging this can be.

Unfortunately, for many of the young people on Lord’s Taverners programmes, these feelings are experienced every day, with disabled young people twice as likely to experience feelings of loneliness as their non-disabled peers.

Their programmes help tackle this by providing new opportunities for our disadvantaged and disabled participants to meet new friends, socially engage and develop a wide range of personal skills.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Lord’s Taverners programmes have come to a halt, denying many vulnerable participants the opportunity to regularly interact with friends and play sport. At this time there is an increased risk of feelings of isolation and loneliness for participants.

We’re calling on the cricket family to help and support the Lord’s Taverners to raise awareness of this issue and raise vital funds to help us combat it in the future.

Please watch and share Kian’s story below and donate £8 here:

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